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Informative Speaking

Informative Speaking is an event in which the speaker creates a researched presentation which
provides information that the speaker deems important for the audience's attention.  Informative
Speaking pieces may use two-dimensional visual aids and cannot run over eight minutes.


  • Write your own informative speech.
  • You will need to write the majority of the speech.  10% of it can
  • be direct quotation.
  • You should find new information or more in-depth information on a topic that you are interested in.
  • You should have clear organization:  an introduction, 3-4 main points, and a conclusion. You may use a visual aid in this event.
  • 8 minutes

Topic:  Brief History on the Formation of the Anglican Church
Description of Topic:  The speaker will take a contextual approach to describe how Henry VIII split from
the Roman Catholic Church and created the Anglican Church so he could divorce Catherine to marry
Anne Boleyn.
Justification of Topic:  This is an interesting and historically worthwhile topic for the speaker to cover.
Diagrams can be used in explaining how the break between the churches came about.

Topic:  Discoveries on Mars
Description of Topic:  The speaker will point out the important scientific discoveries found on Mars,
including traces of water and the crystals that may evidence life.
Justification of Topic:  The topic is interesting and timely, especially considering the recent discovery of
the crystals.

Topic:  How to Reduce Waste around the Home
Description of Topic:  The speaker will give some basic tips on how one can reduce the amount of trash
that the average household produces.
Justification of Topic:  This is a topic that is crucial to daily life, considering how fast landfills are filling.
The topic is socially responsible and ecologically sound.

Topic:  Impacts of Foot-and-Mouth Disease on British Economy
Description of Topic:  The speaker will be looking at the actual and probable impacts of the notorious
foot-and-mouth disease on Great Britain's economy.
Justification of Topic:  This is a timely and relevant topic in that Britain has recently declared an epidemic and has suffered because of the animal-afflicting disease in both its agricultural and tourist industries.

Topic:  Processes in Recounting Votes
Description of Topic:  The speaker will describe the processes of recounting the votes, focusing on the
2000 presidential election.
Justification of Topic:  This is a timely and relevant topic, especially because of the controversy behind the
voting process noted in the 2000 presidential elections.