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When first thou on me Lord, wrought'st thy Sweet Print,
My heart was made thy tinder box1
My 'ffections were thy tinder  in't.
Where fell they Sparkes by drops.
Those holdy Sparks of Heavenly Fire that came
Did ever catch & often would flame.

Bu now my Heart is made they Censer2 trim,
Full of they golden Altars3
To offer up Sweet Incense in
Unto thyselfe intire:
I finde my tinder scarece they Sparks can feel
That drop out from they Holy Flint and Steel4

Hensce doubts our bud for feare thy fire in me
'S a mocking Ignis Fatuus5
Or lest thine Altars fire out bee,
It's hid in ashes thu,
Yet when the bellows of thehy Spirit blow
Away mine ahses, thy fire doth glow.


1. a small metal box used for holding tinder (a small flameable substance, such as kindling) and usually a knife and flint for making a spark.
2. A container for burning incense
3. Located within the tabernacle's holy place before the veil, the golden alter was used for daily and special incense offerings.
4. Flint is a hard stone used to give off sparks when struck with iron or steel.
a phosphorescent light that hovers over marshy ground, supposedly due to spontaneous combustion of gas resulting from decaying organic matter.   It looks creepy and mysterious, and it used to be believed to be the work of mysterious spirits trying to lead travelers astray.