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Test on Correct Usage

For each of the following sentences, fill in the blanks by choosing the appropriate word.

1. except/accept

1a. _________________

1b. _________________

I ____1a. ____ed all the apologies ____1b. ____ George's.

2. averse/adverse

2a. _________________

2b. _________________

I am not normally ____2a. ____ to hiking, but I am currently experiencing ____2b. ____ weather conditions.

3. advise/advice

3a. _________________

3b. _________________

I ____3a. ____ you to take the ____3b. ____ of your attorney.

4. effect/affect

4a. _________________

4b. _________________

4c. _________________

4d. _________________

4e. _________________

Since ____4a. ____ is usually a noun and ____4b. ____ is usually a verb, an ____4c. ____ can effectively

____4d. ____ another ____4e. ____.

5. all ready/already

5a. _________________

5b. _________________

Rita had ____5a. ____ feared that everyone wouldn't be ____5b. ____ for opening night.

6. disinterested/uninterested

6a. _________________

6b. _________________

It is often helpful to find a ____6a. ____ party to arbitrate a dispute, but this will do little good if both parties are

 ____6b. ____ in resolving the problem.

7. every one/everyone

7a. _________________

7b. _________________

Former President Carter warned the other world leaders that ____7a. ____ of the problems they were

discussing could develop into an international crisis that ____7b. ____ would regret.

8. Its/It's

8a. _________________

____8a. ____ a small thing, but washing your hands before you eat will reduce the number of illnesses that

you experience.

9. your/you're

9a. _________________

9b. _________________

When registering for classes, ____9a. ____ likely to have some problems meeting ____9b. ____