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Arguing a Position
(1,500-2,500 words, include a works cited page and an outline)
1st Rough Draft due:
Peer Review:
Essay #4 due:
Write an essay that takes a position.  This essay does not need to be on a controversial "hot" topic, but it does require that you take a stance.  If you can't imagine that anyone could see it another way, then you haven't chosen a good topic.  If you don't know what to write about, you can begin your research with an interest and develop a position as you learn more about the subject.


  • To convey a clear position
  • To give define an issue, provide arguments, and imagine counterarguments
  • To be a synthesizer and summarizer of authoritative sources.
  • To understand that all writers write with an agenda
  • To read critically and between the lines
  • The Simpsons: Should children be exposed to this program?
  • Internet research on Kosovo.  What's being reported?
  • Y2K
  • Nato and History of Attacks
  • Are Seinfield's characters selfish egomaniacs?
  • Star Wars Fanatics
You will need to do the following:
  1. Include a Works Cited page
  2. Use 3 sources
  3. While doing your research find something that surprises you
  4. Define your topic of research
  5. Define your position in the research
  6. Give logical reason for your position
  7. Imagine counterarguments
  8. Offer examples, anecdotes, and possibly statistics as support for your position
  9. In the big scheme of things, why does this argument matter?
See Common Problems with arguing a position.
See Logic for information on logical reasoning and critical thinking