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Agreeing in Number Exercise
The Rule: Pronouns and their antecedents must agree in number and gender.
  1. Every zipper, button, and snap is made in ______ own specialized factory.
  2. Each retail store buys these goods through ______ purchasing agents.
  3. For example, a purchasing agent buys goods for _________ store.
  4. Clothing manufacturers buy __________ materials separately.
  5. Each item is purchased from _________manufacturer.
  6. A garment goes through an assembly line for each piece of construction.
  7. These pieces are sent to a large sewing room where _________ are stitched separately.
  8. Every operator is responsible for _________own operation in the assembly process.
  9. After the designer and the manufacturers finish ________ combined work, the garment is ready for sale.
  10. Most of the clothing sales and business offices in the United States have _______ headquarters in New York City.

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