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Internet Links for Writing
and Research

Search Engines


Fast and powerful

Ask Jeeves

Allows questions

Britannica Internet Guide

Evaluates, rates and limits findings

(searching for famous people)



Allied with America Online, extensive



Allows searches of WWW, email addresses, Usenet, and newswires; also includes a directory

Open Text

WWW searches; povides menus for Boolean search operators; simple to use


Quick and simple to use




Supposedly the Internet's largest collection of email addresses

FAQ: How to Find People's E-mail Addresses


People finder: addresses, phone numbers, home pages, business and government Web and email addresses

General Directories

Berkeley Digital Library

Online collection at the University of California; searchable

Internet Public Library

A directory of Web information arranged like a public library

InfoSurf: E-Journals and E-Zines

A categorically arranged list of magazines and journals available electronically

Librarian's Index to the Internet

This site has 100s and 100s of links arranged by major categories and sub categories to almost every area of interest.

University of Virginia Electronic Text Library

University of Virginia's extensive collection of digitized texts and images

Essays in History?University of Virginia

Full text of the journal Essays in History issues since 1990.

Resources for Researching Current and Debatable Events


Multimedia, up-to-the minute online news source; not adequately archived for searches

Fox News

News, business, health, sports, and technology


Links to over 4,200 Web sites of print publications?newspapers, magazines, computer publications. Searchable by publication name.

Time Magazine

Online version of Time Magazine

USA Today

Online version of national newspaper

Washington Post

Online version of the Washington Post; searchable for past week

American Journalism Review

Index to newspapers that have some full text articles online

Features position papers written by organizations devoted to social, economic, and political issues.

Opposing Views

Index to organizations and issues of debatable nature.


Acronym and Abbreviation List

Searchable list of acronyms; also reversible to search for acronym from a keyword

The Alternative Dictionaries

Dictionary of slang and expressions you most likely won't find in a normal dictionary

CIA World Factbook

Every hard fact about every country in the world


Microsoft's Encarta encyclopedia allows users to keyword search topics from Electric Library

This online encyclopedia allows the user to search a term/phrase or browse by letter


Combines the contents of an encyclopedia, a dictionary, and several up-to-the minute almanacs loaded with statistics, facts and historical records

Let's Find Out

The Knowledge Adventure Encyclopedia is a great homework helper. Perfect for school projects

Quotations Page

Search for quotations

Roget's Thesaurus

Writing Resources

Bartlett's Familiar Quotations

1901 edition; searchable

Rhetoric and Composition

Guide to rhetoric from the ancients to modern composition

The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation

An Elementary Grammar

22 sections of moderately technical discussions of grammatical topics from The English Institute

Elements of Style

Will Strunk's 1918 classic

BGSU Online Writing Lab


Downloadable grammar and writing tips

DeVry Online Writing Support Center

Resources for integrating the Internet into your college composition course

Garbl's Writing Resources On Line

Links to write the perfect paper

A Glossary of Rhetorical Terms with Examples

45 rhetorical terms (Alliteration to Zeugma) with links to classical texts for examples

Paradigm: Online Writing Assistant

Almost a complete writing textbook online

Politics and the English Language


Full text of George Orwell's plea for clarity in writing and thinking

Rensselaer Writing Center Handouts

A collection of handouts on writing topics from "abstracts" to "writing with gender-fair language"

Tips and Resources for Writers

Materials for professional writers that are appropriate for beginners as well

The University of Victoria's Hypertext Writer's Guide

Hypertext guides to writing and literature

University of Michigan OWL

Checklist for Evaluating Web Sites

Critically Analyzing Information

Not specifically devoted to internet sources

Internet Navigator?Evaluating Internet Information

From Salt Lake Community College's online Internet resources course.

Bibliographic Citations

MLA Style

The official MLA site and most current guide to publication style

Citing Electronic Materials with the New MLA Guidelines

APA Style

APA guide, abridged