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Evaluating WWW Sources

The SF Writer offers this checklist
for evaluating web sites:

Important Questions to Consider with Web Sources:
1. Is the site sponsored by a reputable group you can identify?
     Do the authors of the site give evidence of their credentials?
2. Is the site conveniently searchable?  (How hard was it to find?)
3. Is information in the site logically arranged?
4. Is the site easy to navigate?
5. Does the site provide an email address for questions?
6. Is the site updated regularly or properly maintained?
7. Does the site archive older information?
8. Is the content of the site affected by commercial sponsorship?

Choose a topic and find four web sites that relate to that topic.  Then hold each web site up to the checklist above.  Type a brief paragraph for each web site in which you indicate how authoritative that site is in light of the SF Writer's checklist.  Email those paragraphs to me and type "101 Checklist" in the subject heading of your message.

*Note: You might want to use this exercise as a chance to actually engage in research for your current essay.  If you have a topic in mind, use it for this exercise.