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Portfolio Project

This project serves as the final exam for this course.

Project Rationale:

  • Creating a portfolio of your best polished work allows you to gain more experience in the revision process.

  • The portfolio project requires that you review and process your work as a whole, allowing you to better understand your growth as a writer and your performance in writing four distinctly different types of essays.
Project Requirements:
  • You will revisit and revise your first three formal essays during the last week of the course and make both local and (some) global changes.

  • You will write a 600 word essay in which you briefly discuss each of your essays,  describe yourself as a writer (style, habits, likes, dislikes), and explore how that has possibly changed since the beginning of the course.  This essay will serve as the introduction to your portfolio and can be informal in tone.   However, you should quote from at least one of your essays in your portfolio essay.  I recommend including small excerpts from more than one essay.

  • You will hand in your portfolio at our last regular class meeting.  If we have time, you will also present your portfolio to the class, choosing a short excerpt from one of your essays to share with the class.