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What is it?
Freewriting fosters uninhibited thought.  It is used as an invention technique to get the brain in gear and generate text without the pressure of a critical eye.   (Freewriting is also fun.)

What should you do?

  • Write or type as fast as you can.
  • Don't censor yourself.
  • Don't worry about grammar.
  • Even if your stuck, continue typing whatever comes to mind.
  • Believe that whatever you write has value.

Try it
Write for the next 5 minutes on the word "Artistic."

(Write as fast as you can; the faster the better. You are not allowed to stop writing! If you can't think of anything to say, write down that you can't think of anything to say, something like: "I'm stuck but I'll think of something soon." Don't stop. Don't worry about transitions or connecting the ideas or paragraphing or subject-verb agreement or even commas. And form absolutely no judgment about what you write. Your Censor is on vacation. Your writing may take you in some really weird directions, but don't stop and never think to yourself, "Oh, this is dumb!" If you get off the subject, that's all right. )


  • Check the word count that you generated in 5 minutes.
  • Read your freewrite out loud when you finish.
  • Allow a friend to read your freewrite out loud to you.
  • Delete the "I can't think of anything to say" lines and nonsense.
  • Ask yourself if there are any ideas or patterns emerging?
  • Correct grammar and punctuation.
  • Don't give up on freewriting after one exercise.
  • Freewriting is like any other kind of mental activity: you will get better at it.