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Paths to Peace Columns in the Albert Lea Tribune
In November 2005, Paths to Peace members began  writing a monthly column for the Albert Lea Tribune.  You can read archived columns by following the links below. 

November 2005
"What If?" - Toby Thompson, MD

December 2005
"A Peaceful Alternative" - Rev. Peter Soli

January 2006
"What are We Teaching the Children" - Mary Laeger-Hagemeister

February 2006
"Creating a Culture of Peace" - Jeremy Corey-Gruenes

March 2006
"The Cost of Violence" - Rev. Jim Young

October 2006
"Peace in Darfur" - Kristin Heinz

November 2006
"Position Statement on the Current War in Iraq" -  Paul Goodnature

December 2006
"Make Peace a Part of Your New Year's Resolutions" - Barb Butler

January/February 2007
"Paths to Peace Offers Alternatives to Military Enlistment" - Jeremy Corey-Gruenes